Our projects

The Workbay platform is offered as a white-label service, customized to a specific regions needs and interested. The following projects are representative of some of our past work. While our part is through, these programs continue to thrive. 

Community-based internship programs

An Internship Program in Tennessee

Opportunity NOW is a coordinated initiative launched by Mayor Megan Barry to provide young people in Davidson County, Tennessee access to employment. Nashville has seen fewer and fewer teenagers and young adults working during the summers and after school. At the same time, local employers across various industries were concerned about the lack of “soft” skills among their youngest employees—skills most readily learned through actual work experience.

The initiative was created based on recommendations from the Mayor’s Youth Violence Summit as a way to connect youth to opportunity and hope. Opportunity NOW is designed to combat the growing gap in opportunity and will become the much-needed system for delivering employment and employment-like opportunities for young people. 

The Opportunity NOW program runs on a completely supported implementation of Workbay’s fully comprehensive workforce development platform that includes career exploration, online training, and educational resources that align with internship interests and an online portfolio builder. The portal also provides internship posting capabilities and a full applicant tracking system for organizations in the community.


  • 12k paid internships, posted by 400 companies
  • 10k+ youth (14-18) have created resumes and applied for internship positions
  • 7k interns have been matched and have already started working
  • The project evolved to become a year-round portal, supported by the Mayor’s Office

Community Engagement

A community-based workforce development program

MemphisWorks was launched to bridge the employment gap in Memphis where 23,000 locals are unemployed despite the fact that there are more than 16,000 open jobs. 

The program links recruitment, skill-building, and career navigation into one comprehensive system, reflective of the economic demand in the Greater Memphis area, and includes videos of Memphis residents working in the top 300 in-demand careers. These videos feature workers explaining their career pathway in the booming local industries of manufacturing, health sciences, construction, information technology, and transportation. 

The program utilizes a mobile iOS and Android app that allows job seekers to search and apply for jobs around their location, explore career pathways, and take online and local classroom training that badges their resume. 

MemphisWorks highlights local education and training opportunities that job seekers can explore based on their desired career pathway and based on the demo

Sector Development

Connecting Middle Tennessee Tech

We Build Tech is an online platform designed to develop and connect the middle region’s technology community. Businesses, job seekers, students, educators, and other community members use the site to explore careers, discover opportunities, build skills, and grow networks. By combining discovery, training, and connection, We Build Tech will amplify our region’s tech industry.

The Nashville Technology Council develops, connects, and promotes the Middle Tennessee technology community. Since its formation in 1999, the NTC’s membership has grown to more than 400 organizations interested in supporting the growth of technology businesses. With the technology sector serving as the leading area of growth in Nashville, the NTC and We Build Tech are committed to building the next generation of tech for the region.

Work & Life skills

Developing skills for Retail, Hospitality & Foodservice sectors

The Workplace Foundations for Leadership (WFL) program focuses on developing skills and attitudes that will help inform an employee’s readiness to be considered for promotion to a first-level management position. Our curriculum currently covers topics under the context of the retail, hospitality, and foodservice industries, including supply chain awareness. Hosted on the Workbay platform, WFL’s goal is to be the best place to recruit and retain hourly workers and help them grow into their next position.

The WFL program is beginning with a library of 30 hours of online content, available as personalized mobile learning, freely available online and through native Android and iOS apps. The program’s content builds on Workbay’s deep experience developing training materials and is available with lesson plans that can be integrated into school curriculum. 

As learners complete training through the program, they earn skill badges for their resumes and are guided to career opportunities with participating employers who support the program. 

Re-entering the workforce

Workbay offers an offline system that houses an entire database of learning, career exploration, and portfolio-building functionality. Content is provided by small, internally-housed servers with a secure path to updating the global system.

After release, individuals are able to access the online system and continue their journey while maintaining previous data and training badges.

Workbay integrates with job-readiness training in the classroom to prepare inmates with the tools they need to successfully re-enter the workforce. 

College Programs

Senior care nursing

Senior Care Nursing is a 130-hour online program developed to help prepare nursing students with the knowledge and skills they need to best meet the health needs of people as they age. Courses include Healthy Aging, Safety & Harm Prevention, Chronic Illness, and Rehabilitation & Palliative/End-of-Life Care and are available in English and Mandarin.