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Start by making your own profile to build a resume, track job matches, log your learning, join networks, build talent, discover opportunities, watch videos and more!

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Watch videos of real, local professionals who have careers that might interest you. Choose from hundreds of jobs and careers, and explore the skills, duties, and education they require. You can “follow” those that interest you to keep track of the relevant training and opportunities available to you. 

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Land your dream job. Discover available jobs, internships, education, professional development, training, and volunteer opportunities in your area using our Explore Map. Our personalized search allows you to quickly zone in on the perfect job opportunity for you!

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Keep track and share all of your hard work. Our course library provides great resources to get yourself job-ready. Learn new skills through our online learning, and third-party providers. Your new skills are automatically added to your Skills Portfolio to showcase your learning achievements to employers.

Discover Education Opportunities

Find local and online education opportunities. While exploring careers, Workbay alerts you to the types of education and skills you need for that career and connects you directly to where those programs are offered. Armed with that information, you can access the learning you need to achieve your dreams.