Workbay for Employers & Recruiters

Workbay assists employers in finding and retaining the best candidates. Our suite of tools connects talented people with businesses like yours and helps you prepare them for success. You can post jobs and internships, review applicants, deliver contract training, create and analyze reports, and promote your business. Provide development opportunities through our learning management system, where you can assign training modules to your current and future employees. 

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Promote Your Business, Recruit and Retain Talent

Showcase your organization to recruit top talent. Give job seekers a preview of your company by creating a company Workbay profile page. Here you can host a variety of multimedia resources and connect to a database of skills and career types, drawing talent and filling your open positions.

Post Jobs, Internships & Review Candidates

Search active and motivated candidates. Workbay allows you to post your company’s available jobs & internships. Start building your network to find, acquire and retain talent. Match our Job Cards to your posts to give applicants a better idea of required skills, duties and education for each position. 

Managing Made Easy

Track Applicants, Run, Analyze and Create reports. Our Company Dashboard provides a great tool showing an overview of applicants by tracking the major activity areas on the site, users in your network, users’ learning and interests, and more. You can also review resumes, personal profiles and completed online training. 

Continuous Learning

Offer your employees online training opportunities. Workbay hosts a full-featured Learning Management System with powerful multi-media delivery. You can provide skills training and online learning programs to current and future employees, both through Workbay and by connecting to third-party providers. Our system can serve a variety of content types, including video, documents, interactivities, and more. We also feature the ability to create live-streaming classrooms. All training is managed by an easy-to-use company dashboard with enterprise-level reporting. 

Pre-Hire Learning

Retention is a critical factor on both sides of the experience for workers and their employers. Workbay connects employers with the pre-hire learning for potential new hires. Requiring candidates to complete the program successfully brings objectivity to the hiring process and helps weed out candidates that lack the required skill or commitment for the position.

Employers can monitor and assess the behavior, skills and success of the candidates at every stage of the process.


Workbay helps companies to prepare potential employees with the right set of skills and knowledge they need to begin working productively and safely.

With Workbay employers can enrol new hires in interactive text-message support to reinforce training, assess understanding and attitude,  and capture feedback on the orientation experience.