Workbay for Communities

Workbay helps community organizers connect to their clients by providing a rich suite of tools for communicating directly to the mobile phones in their clients’ pockets. Organizers can provide their clients with the resources to skill up, get smart about local employer demand and training opportunities, and move forward to great education and employment opportunities.  

ignite your workforce today!

Workbay is designed to give state-of-the-art tools to the coaches, counselors, educators, and administrators who give a hand to those most in need. By linking technologies for recruitment, skill-building, and career navigation into one comprehensive platform, Workbay puts a powerful networked console on your desk—with instant outreach to the mobile phone and tablet of every client you serve.

Review client progress and communicate instantly
Students, job seekers, and aspiring workers connect to career counselors, training and education opportunities, and job postings through free apps available for desktop and mobile devices. Federal and state data integrated into local job posts and college programs point the way for clients to make better decisions about their own career pathways. Review your clients’ progress from the Workbay dashboard and communicate instantly with them via text and email from within the app.

Speed up communications with automated messaging
Workbay supplements this instant communication capability with a rich library of automated interactive messages that support your client’s progress through resume development, career interest assessment, online learning, post-secondary education exploration, job searching, application, and interview processes.
The Workbay platform additionally supports the work of community organizers by providing training, assessment, and industry-recognized, corporate-sponsored credentials to the 24 million low-wage earners across America.

White label services allow your brand to shine through
Community organizations can opt to use their own branded version of the Workbay platform to provide instant recognition and trust, allowing them to better reach and engage their community online.

With resources for each stakeholder, the local platform optimizes a community’s ability to identify locally needed skills and publish skill-building courses online that are accessible via mobile devices. It also guides users to enroll in local training and college programs.

Curate applicants and publish pre-hire training
The community’s employers can curate applicants based on skills badging managed by sector councils and others. Employers can use the local platform to publish and assess pre-hire training, and to support internships and new-hire employee orientation, optionally sharing a dashboard console with counselors or educators who may be given visibility to the new recruit’s training and text support.