The Workbay Platform

Workbay is an interactive career development platform that links recruitment, skill building, and career navigation into one comprehensive system, deliverable online or offline as a browse-based or mobile app. Workbay provides a unique solution for communities to close the workforce gaps. It was developed to inform, educate, and develop students and job seekers, while directly connecting them to employers, career counselors, career pathways—and real jobs!

a look inside the workbay platform

We connect local applicants to job opportunities.

The Workbay system effortlessly pulls jobs and internships from a company’s current career tracking system with no additional work for the employer. Job posts can also easily be entered manually into the system.

Users can search job opportunities based on their current location and explore Career Card profiles. Career Cards displays a full job description for each posting with the ability to apply from a mobile device.

The platform and mobile app list the top business-rated skills and salary averages for each job. Wherever the user is, the app gives them up-to-the-minute details of where jobs are and where to get the training they need to arrive prepared for their interview.

We inspire job seekers to explore career paths.

Though Workbay’s career cards, job seekers can discover new high-demand careers, watch inspiring video portraits of real individuals, and learn about their general skills and responsibilities. 

Career cards make it easy to explore career families, connections, and pathways. Seekers can learn how career paths intersect and overlap in Constellation view or use the List view to find the careers they are most interested in. Cards can be sorted by expertise or average salary and each one links to external resources including from O-net. 

We provide online training courses and training badges. 

Workbay offers a comprehensive library of online training courses relevant to a wide variety of industry sectors. Each course has an assessment of learning and learners earn training badges upon successful course completion.

Workbay also provides a Learning Management System for platform administrators to build their own courses and link online and local classroom courses to nearby current job postings.

Manage your classroom and educational offerings.

Workbay offers teachers numerous lesson plans and personalized learning tools that can be used in the classroom or accessed anywhere on students’ smartphones. Teachers can upload online content, view their students’ activity in the platform, integrate with lesson plans to incorporate the career materials to deliver learning objectives across the curriculum especially in career and technical education.  Teachers can view high-demand jobs in the community and message employers about their jobs and the relevant skills needed to pursue those careers.

Track your progress easily with SMS

Use our SMS messaging system to send text prompts, invitations to an interview, training follow ups, and progress feedback to people in your network. Track all SMS activity via our Reports Dashboard.

Create robust reports to build the workforce you need.

The Workbay dashboard provides a clean and comprehensive Administrator experience. Context-rich reports provide the analytics you need to track progress on training to achieve your objectives for pre-hire, recruitment, on-boarding, performance assessment, and high-potential internal candidate management.

The Dashboard provides tools to report activity on the integrated library of work- and life-skills training. The feature-rich learning content management system further supports your development of new online courses and integration with third-party courseware.  

Learning reports can be generated and analyzed based on user career goals, learning preferences, activity types, competency assessment, and performance demonstration.  Learning reports can be cross-referenced to job search and job hiring data.

Administrators can track the career pathways favorited, badges earned, and jobs applied for of all their clients, in real-time, to allow for comprehensive consulting.

Text and email messaging are integrated into the dashboard allowing administrators to communicate instantly with clients while reviewing their progress.

Connect community through a shared database.

Workbay is unique to other products on the market because it provides a shared connected database for all of the stakeholders in a community. Community stakeholders gain access to valuable workforce information,  particularly valuable because it is cross-referenced with other forces in the local economy.

Our connected database uses a common skills taxonomy which allows better data and gap analysis, for example, between users’ skills and open job positions or post-secondary programs and local employer demands.

Unique new reports, cross-referencing previously “silo’d” data-analytics engage cross-sector dialogue and reporting.